Irene #6

2015 DEBUT Irene #6
Book Author(s) Edited by Andy Warner, d.w. and Dakota McFadzean
Publisher Irene
Book List Price $15
All-Ages Appropriate No
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This is undoubtedly the biggest Irene yet. At 216 pages, this book is filled to the brim with contributors based in every continent on the planet Earth. Yes, even Antarctica. No we aren’t kidding about that.

Contributors include: Marc Bell, Lucy Bellwood, Nick Cartwright, Marta Chudolinska, d.w., Jai Granofsky, Leif Goldberg, Luke Howard, Ben Juers, Sean Knickerbocker, Dakota McFadzean, Lena Merhej, No Tan Parecidos, Carolyn Nowak, Katie Parrish, Ben Passmore, Jackie Roche, Shennawy, Frøydis Sollid Simonsen, Kevin Uehlein, Tillie Walden, Andy Warner, and Natsuko Yoshino.

This book contains tigers. So many tigers.