Jesus Jumpkick #1 (Somewhere Else)

2015 DEBUT Jesus Jumpkick #1 (Somewhere Else)
Book Author(s) DJ Wilkins
Publisher Notion Splosion LLC
Book List Price $5.00 (sales tax included)
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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The Bible tells us that Jesus’ life stands at the center of a larger-than-life battle between the ultimate sources of good and evil. But then where is Jesus’ epic film, or series or comic book? 

Enter Jesus Jumpkick.

Jesus Jumpkick is a comic book series and anime-style epic-retelling of the Jesus story with angelic battles as seen through the Lord’s own all-seeing eyes.

By visually including the spirit realm, where Jesus’ spirit and his angels wage war against “the Fallen”, as another invisible “half” of the story and emphasizing that hidden realms impact on the physical world, “Jesus Jumpkick” does something that historically has never been done before:

Retell the Jesus story with epic-action included in a way that’s still consistent with the biblical life of Christ.

Welcome to the world of Jesus Jumpkick.

(Note: it’s both the anime-style visuals – and the inclusions of action – that put the “Jumpkick” in “Jesus Jumpkick.”)