Keybound: prologue

2013 DEBUT Keybound: prologue
Book Author(s) Shannon P. Dybvig
Publisher Shannon P. Dybvig
Book List Price $6
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site


Keybound: prologue is a fantasy comic featuring Eledrine, a feisty young girl, Fyodor, her arrogant older brother, and their mother.  They travel to the Keyp, where they meet the Keyper and discover an error in Eledrine and Fyodor’s parents’ judgment that leaves them both in very different life paths than they expected.

Keybound is a story of Eledrine, a young woman from a predominantly gnome village, who struggles with a different adult life than she prepared for when she was growing up.  The comic addresses complicated family relationships and the change in family dynamics as you begin to understand your parents as people.  In wrestling with her roles as an adult, Eledrine has to decide which of her responsibilities and desires take precedence, as well as which relationships are worth maintaining.

Keybound will be serialized online as a webcomic starting in August 2013.