Lars Vegas Presents…

2014 DEBUT Lars Vegas Presents…
Book Author(s) RM Rhodes
Publisher Oletheros Publishing
Book List Price $25
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Five years in the making, Lars Vegas Presents 164 pages of smut from a variety of artists. This anthology contains eight stories of prurience and sexual situations.

Proof of Concept – Design by Mab, Just Mab and Photography by Renee Woodward

In the Grip of Vanity – Art by Kirsten Brown

The Human Cello – Photography by Mike Carey, Modelling by Mel and AJ, Lettering by Cotton Gilmore

The Chaos Personified Players present the First Act of a Ribald – Photography by Oshu, Modelling by Mavi

For Love of the Sun – Art by El Stabo, Color by Mal Jones

Fudster Pudwacker in Bus Ride of the Damned – Art by Dexter Cockburn

No Panties – Art by Sam Wolk

This is Not Viva Lars Vegas – Photography by T. Magwood and Renee Woodward