Little Guardians – The Anger Demon

2013 DEBUT Little Guardians – The Anger Demon
Book Author(s) Lee Cherolis, Ed Cho
Publisher Little Guardians
Book List Price $15.00
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Soma, the mysterious stranger with the powers of a guardian, tells Tane about a great evil on the horizon, but will her warnings fall on deaf ears with more pressing matters at hand? It’s up to him to stop a violent and dangerous anger demon approaching the village while his son recovers from his injuries at the hospital. Idem’s confidence is shaken by his failure at The Zucchini Festival, and he begins to question whether he can fulfill his duties as the next guardian. Meanwhile Subira, the unassuming shop girl, begins to believe she has a connection with the spirit world and learns what she must do to realize her potential.

This book contains chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the Little Guardians story, and the bonus interlude “The Zucchini Thieves” with guest art by James Ratcliffe. Continue the adventure online at