Maple Key Comics, no. 3

2014 DEBUT Maple Key Comics, no. 3
Book Author(s) Joyana McDiarmid, Sophie Goldstein, Luke Howard, Carl Antonowicz, Josh Lees, Dan Rinylo, Sasha Steinberg, Neil Brideau, Billage, Iris Yan, Laurel Lynn Leake, Laurel Holden, Rachel Lindsay, Rebecca Roher, Jonathan Rotsztain, and Anna McGlynn
Publisher Samara Press
Book List Price $15
All-Ages Appropriate No
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The third issue of Maple Key Comics, a bi-monthly magazine serializing the work of up-and-coming indie cartoonists. (Like Shonen Jump for the indie world.) Including Ignatz nominees Sophie Goldstein and Luke Howard.

All the goodness of mini comics in a convenient book! Science fiction, mystery, fantasy, drama, humor! Stories such as:

“The Oven” by Sophie Goldstein, a young couple goes looking for anti-government paradise and find that nothing is what they expected outside the city walls.

“The Disappearance of Pepper Stein” by Sasha Steinberg, if Agatha Christie were to make comics about queer club kids.

“Talk Dirty to Me” by Luke Howard, after moving to a new city Emma finds a job that taps into her intense sexuality by working for a sex hotline.

Independently published with a strong focus on promoting community among budding cartoonists.