Mercutio: Sweet Prince of the Ghetto

2018 DEBUT Mercutio: Sweet Prince of the Ghetto
Book Author(s) Jerale Clebourne & Wolly McNair
Publisher Rebel Star Studios and Zombie Punk Studios
Book List Price $4.99
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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The bard’s classic character in a contemporary setting.  Telling the story of Mercutio, the charming, fierce, and enigmatic best friend of Romeo.  We delve into his origin, exploring where his sense of honor came from, and how he became a formidable duelist.  And, how his friendship with both Tybalt and Romeo leads to his ultimate death.

A man who walks between two worlds; respected by both of the dueling houses of Capulet and Montague.  This is the tale of Mercutio.

Mercutio: Sweet Prince of the Ghetto is a prelude to the Mercutio’s Tale one-shot.