Book Author(s) Jon Chad
Publisher Self-Published
Book List Price $5.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
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The events that gild the age of MEZMER will, at first glance, appear to be disconnected and barely strung together through the appearance of certain reoccurring characters.  Be assured by the author, though, that the bonds of friendship and duty tie the denizens of MEZMER together.  In this volume, Maxer introduces himself and extends the rarest of honors to the reader; a glimpse at his articles of being.  Mumfot and Ferls clash in terrible conflict!  Mumfot’s laser matrix blooms in a beautiful and intricate display of his power.  Ferls lashes back with the ghostly powers of his Doombox, but his power wanes in Mumfot’s mighty presence.  Warrock wanders the galaxy trying to fuel his crystalline core, and find sustenance in the battle between two friends.  Ferls and Bluebell take advantage of their advisory’s temporary absence.