Monster Zero

2014 DEBUT Monster Zero
Book Author(s) Frank Candiloro
Publisher FrankenComics
Book List Price $8.00
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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So you like kaiju huh? Of course you do! But you ain’t never seen a kaiju like Artema before…

Monster Zero is the story of Artema, who in the world of giant monsters stands out as a truly unique creature. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t appreciate her finer qualities and seek to make life hell for her.

Naturally, Artema feels powerless against these creeps, but at her lowest point, she learns a valuable lesson on self-esteem.

Featuring 30 bubblegum-coloured pages in A5, this is one to check out if you love your giant monsters (and you do, lets face it!)

36 pages, A5, full colour. Created and printed in Australia.