MORBID TALES! A Tribute to Celtic Frost

2015 DEBUT MORBID TALES! A Tribute to Celtic Frost
Book Author(s) Mark Rudolph + Friends
Publisher Corpse Flower Records
Book List Price $10
All-Ages Appropriate No
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152-page illustrated tribute to Celtic Frost, filled with illustrations, comics and humor by Justin Bartlett, Jason McGregor, Bruno Guerreiro, Lars Krantz, Chuck BB, Shawn Knight, J. Bennett, Eamon Espey, Ed Luce, Jeremy Baum, Johnny Ryan, Josh Bayer, Jacob Hamrick, J.T. Dockery, Kelly Larson, Kim Holm, Michael Hacker, Mike Erdody, Slasher Dave, Tim Shagrat, Mark Rudolph, Sam Wolf, Tim Sievert, Mark Thompson, Scott Murphy, David Liljemark, Kevin Cross, Rob Mills, and many more. There are forewords from Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates) and Ivar Bjornson (Enslaved), with other pieces from Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), Flo Swartz (Pyogenesis), Ben Ash (Carcass), Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Fenriz (Darkthrone), Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth), Jeff Wagner (author of Mean Deviation), Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Greg Macintosh (Paradise Lost), Trevor Peres (Obituary), Scott Carlson and Matt Olivo (Repulsion), Orvar Safstrom (Nirvana 2002), Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Chris Reifert (Autopsy), and John Paradiso (Evoken). It’s a great mixture of musicians and artists.