Book Author(s) Sam Alden, Bianca Bagnarelli, Ilaria Boscia, Paolo Cattaneo, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Pierre Frampas, Aisha Franz, Sophie Franz, Lise e Talami, Emanuele Messina, Alice Milani, Nicolò Pellizzon, Cristina Portolano, Silvia Rocchi, Andrea Settimo, Fabio Tonetto, Ugo Schiesaro
Publisher Delebile
Book List Price 15
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Enters “MOTHER”, the second issue of a trilogy of thematic antologies that Delebile started one year ago with the book “HOME”. A bunch of young authors interprets the theme “mother”, in a collection of unpublished short stories that features works by:

Sam Alden | Bianca Bagnarelli | Ilaria Boscia | Paolo Cattaneo | Sophia Foster-Dimino | Pierre Frampas | Aisha Franz | Sophie Franz | Lorenzo Ghetti |Alessandro Lise | Emanuele Messina |Alice Milani | Mauro Nanfitò | Nicolò Pellizzon | Cristina Portolano | Silvia Rocchi | Ugo Schiesaro | Andrea Settimo | Alberto Talami | Fabio Tonetto |