Musnet: The Mouse of Monet

2016 DEBUT Musnet: The Mouse of Monet
Book Author(s) Kickliy
Publisher Odod Books / Uncivilized Books
Book List Price 19.95
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Springtime. Giverny, France. Mid 1800’s. A young boy mouse travels the country side looking for work and happens upon Monet’s garden. He takes on a job and becomes inspired to learn to paint. Will he paint in the classical ways, or in the new style of the impressionist? Which way will his brush sway?

Set in the midst of one of the great moments in the history of art, Musnet is a bildungsroman for the young aspiring artist. Kickliy’s fluid ink and watercolors evoke the magic of the period and the country setting for the story.

Musnet is an amazing debut from Kickliy and is turning heads everywhere.