Novo Volume 1: ‘The Birth of Novo’ EXTENDED EDITION

2014 DEBUT Novo Volume 1: ‘The Birth of Novo’ EXTENDED EDITION
Book Author(s) Michael S Bracco
Publisher Alterna Comics
Book List Price $14.99
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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The Aquans and the Terans spent their existances blaming each other
for their own faults, warring and decimating their populations until
only one Aquan, a male, and one Teran, a female, remained. Together in
love and desperation, they created NOVO – A savior born to a world
that no longer had use for one.

Now, searching through his Ancestors ruins and literature, Novo will
discover a history that he will never be a part of and a future beyond
his wildest imagination.

This updated edition of Novo includes Birth (aka Novo volume 0), Volume 1: ‘The Birth of Novo’ and the previously unreleased short, Novo: ‘The Only Way Home’ which takes place between the first and second chapter of Novo Volume 1.