Ode: Chapter Two

2014 DEBUT Ode: Chapter Two
Book Author(s) Annie Stoll & Tim Ferrara
Publisher Self Published
Book List Price $12
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site http://www.odecomic.com


In Volume 1 of Ode, the Errant Knight Stana and her squire, Wren, proved that women in the Realm of Spire were perfectly capable of holding their own. Spire was once a land of Magic, but with the slaying of the last of the dragons, magical beings were driven from the Realm. Stana was a product of that age, and now wanders the landscape, forgotten to the world, and passing on to Wren the teachings of a lost era. Their adventures continue in Ode: Volume 2.


30 pages | Full Color | Each copy comes with a sketch! | SPX-exclusive Debut Cover Variant | Table B-9