Book Author(s) Alan Brown
Publisher Medusawolf
Book List Price $25.00 each $40.00 for both
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://medusawolf.com


A tale of bloody revenge and shadowy magic unfolds on the strange and fantastic planet Ovoyyamar. Follow an alien duo and a horrid host of other vile and monstrous creatures as they creep, crawl, slither and lurk their ways into the treahorous and invisible jaws of the unspeakable fate that awaits them all! in the first two volumes of an ongoing fantasy/horror/adventure series!
Ovoyyamar is the first published comic from illustrator Alan Brown (Medusawolf).
Volume 1: 104 pages, black and white
Volume 2: 114 pages, black and white

Cover shown: Volume 2