Phoenix: the Ford Pinto Story

2013 DEBUT Phoenix: the Ford Pinto Story
Book Author(s) Adam J. Whittier
Publisher Charlie Clark Books, LLC.
Book List Price $16.95
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Have you ever heard about the Pinto? It was a small car designed by Ford in the late 1960s. Compact cars were popular, and Ford wanted one, too. But a little car soon became a big problem, when folks realized that it would burst into flames when rear-ended…even going slowly!

But what else was happening? What went on inside Ford, before the Pinto went on sale? Follow a Pinto named Phoenix through this story of the same name, and watch how the quest to build a simple compact car quickly became something else: one of the most reprehensible cases of corporate jackassery to ever unfold in the public arena.

Somewhere between a muckraking expose and a fairy tale, Phoenix: the Ford Pinto Story is a book to inform and entertain a new generation of critical thinkers. Charmingly drawn and meticulously researched, it’s a volume no auto enthusiast, news junkie, or history buff will want to be without.