Pretentious Record Store Guy – Mondo LP – Softcover

2015 DEBUT Pretentious Record Store Guy – Mondo LP – Softcover
Book Author(s) Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
Publisher Brain Cloud Comics
Book List Price $9.99
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Pretentious Record Store Guy is a three issue miniseries written and illustrated by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz about a guy who works in a record store, goes to all of the coolest shows, and knows about all the new, up-and-coming bands before you do. While his life is made in the shade, his hair is epic, and his record collection is worth a small fortune (in some circles), he realizes that he’s been coasting for far too long and that life is passing him by. What does he do?

He decides that life won’t wait, and if he wants to make his dreams come true, then he needs to be the one to make it happen.