Pride of the Decent Man

2017 DEBUT Pride of the Decent Man
Book Author(s) TJ Kirsch
Publisher NBM Graphic Novels
Book List Price 19.99
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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In a sleepy New England town, Andrew Peters is born into an abusive family. As he grows older, he seems to be on the right track, using writing as his outlet – but his best friend Whitey is always around pulling him in the opposite direction. Andrew eventually lands himself in prison, and shortly thereafter, learns he has a daughter. The shock resolves him to a path of redemption and an attempt to live his life as a decent man.

\”I\’m greatly enjoying this comic. Just 100% its own thing. Thoughtful and emotive. Go. Read.\” –Van Jensen, writer of Cryptocracy (Dark Horse) and The Flash (DC), and U.S. Comic Book Ambassador
\”PRIDE OF THE DECENT MAN is just the type of engrossing, reflective fiction we need. A beautifully honed trip through rich, small town existence that reminds us even if our lives feel everyday, there is a wondrous scale woven deep into each and every one of our narratives. We live in the now, but when we reflect, we look back, we see the vast expanse of drama that\’s sprawled out behind our every move. \”
– Steve Orlando, Writer (Midnighter, Supergirl, Virgil)
\” Most cartoonists are either a great storyteller or a great artist. It\’s a rare exception to possess both skills, but I think T.J. Kirsch has been gifted with both, and PRIDE OF THE DECENT MAN proves me correct.\”
– Noah Van Sciver, Cartoonist ( The Hypo, Fante Bukowski )

6×9, 96pp., full color hc, $19.99, ISBN 9781681121208