Queerotica: A Comics Anthology

2013 DEBUT Queerotica: A Comics Anthology
Book Author(s) Kimball Anderson, Morgan Boecher, Lena Chandhok, Alexis Cornell, Rachel Dukes, A.B. Fiddlestyx, Melanie Gillman, Lawrence Gullo, Laura Hughes, Allie Kleber, Laurel Lynn Leake, Joyana McDiarmid, Miz Moody, Fyodor Pavlov, Sasha Steinberg, Rio Aubry Taylor, Laura Terry, Ivy Weine
Publisher Allie Kleber, Joyana McDiarmid, Laurel Lynn Leake and Sasha Steinberg
Book List Price $20
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://queeroticomics.tumblr.com


From the moment we imagined an anthology of queer erotic comics we were faced with a slew of important questions. First and foremost: what does the word “queer” even mean? And what, for that matter, is “erotica”?

In a sense, both “Queer and “Erotica” are terms of creativity, innovation, and passion. They are about creating new forms of expression, so that you can speak your truth and your desires with a bit of style, and a pinch of rebellion.

We’re proud to present a collection of stories that is truly a celebration of these impulses. Each of our 16 amazing stories and pinups presents a different facet of the queer erotic imagination, creating a diverse and sometimes surprising total picture.

And they’re pretty sexy, too!