Rem Pt. 2

2015 DEBUT Rem Pt. 2
Book Author(s) M. R. Trower
Publisher Inkmaggot
Book List Price 6
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Rem is the continuing story of a tiny bright flame trying to stay lit in a hurricane. It is also a metaphorical queer + trans adventure story. In part 1, Rem escaped the chokehold of a cruel and hierarchical society into the unknown, with the help of a mysterious presence. In part 2, Rem finds themself in an alien landscape – the wilds that sprawl endlessly beyond the city walls. At first the world of strange and infinite possibilities is exhilarating, but it’s getting dark, and there are noises…

Riso printed, 2-color cover and 1-color interior. 33 pages of comics.