Book Author(s) Cody Pickrodt
Publisher Ray Ray Books
Book List Price $3
All-Ages Appropriate No
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In this issue: Gristin Gray receives a personal tour of the Reptile Museum. The aftermath is not a positive one for Pants.

REPTILE MUSEUM recounts a time when the apocalypse has come and gone. Stranded by cataclysm, the residents of the island of Seawanhacky endure in isolation for generations. But when one inhabitant known as Pants inexplicably returns after a decade-long journey into the unknown, everything changes all over again.

“Attractively drawn and well-cartooned, this tale moves along at a pleasant clip, confidently revealing a disturbing world I am eager to spend more time in.” –  Mike Dawson, Freddie and Me/Troop 142

“Reptile Museum by Cody Pickrodt is one of the most promising comics I’ve picked up this year.  Really looking forward to seeing where the story goes ‘cause Cody is a f—-ing maniac.” – Box Brown, Everything Dies/Retrofit

5.5″ x 8.5″.

24 pages.


August 2013.