Restless Minds: Nightmares!

2017 DEBUT Restless Minds: Nightmares!
Book Author(s) Juston McKee, Vi Pham, Eileen Martinez, Alex Chautin, Larissa Galarza, Isabel Inadomi, Amara Auguste, K.Lee Kain, Chelsea Belcher, and Rook Zheng
Publisher Uppermind Ink
Book List Price 10.00
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Restless Minds: Nightmares!

A 48+ page full-color comic anthology filled with comics and illustrations about monsters, nightmares, and fear by a variety of rad illustrators. Published by Uppermind Ink!

Restless Minds is an anthology series about the artist and the mind. Each volume of Restless Minds has it’s own contained theme and content. They can be enjoyed individually or as a series.

Artists in Restless Minds: Nightmares includes:

-Vi Pham
-Eileen Martinez
-Alex Chautin (w/ color assistance from Jenny McKeon)
-Juston McKee
-Larissa Galarza
-Isabel Inadomi
-Amara Auguste
-K. Lee Kain
-Chelsea Belcher
-Rook Zheng