Sadistic Comics

2014 DEBUT Sadistic Comics
Book Author(s) R. Sikoryak
Publisher Rotland Press
Book List Price $ 4
All-Ages Appropriate No
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The tenth issue in the ROTLAND DREADFULS series presents \”Sadistic Comics,\” chronicling the misfortunes of the Marquis de Sade\’s heroine Justine in the style of 1940\’s superhero comic book covers.  Written and drawn by R. Sikoryak.

The ROTLAND DREADFULS series is an homage to the 19th century English pamphlets known as  \”Penny Dreadfuls\”— so named because the original cost was one penny and they contained stories considered shocking and sensational.

stapled / 16 pages / black and white on tan paper / 5 x 8 inches