Sand: The Tale of Luc and San

2017 DEBUT Sand: The Tale of Luc and San
Book Author(s) Alex Lupp and Jade Feng Lee
Publisher Self-Published
Book List Price $10
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Sand: The Tale of Luc and San is a 24 page, creation-myth comic about two sibling deities and a planet named Sand born out of their conflict. Written by Alex Lupp. Art by Jade Feng Lee.

It begins with an unanswerable question, a moment of light dispelling darkness and birthing life. Behemoths, Beacons, and Feys, a pantheon of celestial beings destined to shape the rest of creation, if only they could figure out where to begin. Enter the twins, Luc and San! Hailed as luminaries, veritable geniuses, will they discover the spark of a new world before their sibling rivalry snuffs it out?