Scaffold Volume I

2014 DEBUT Scaffold Volume I
Book Author(s) V A Graham & J A Eisenhower
Publisher Hic & Hoc Publications
Book List Price $15
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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V A Graham & J A Eisenhower create the kind of comics that grab you by the eye, and then the brain — beautiful, sprawling spaces dotted with detail and motion that suck you right in to the weird and marvelous universe they’ve created.  The first collection of their Scaffold series tells the story of a migratory people living on a world-sized structure, which is itself constantly on the move.  Graham and Eisenhower draw at a fixed, ant farm-like scale, creating layouts  that form one big, continuous space, along with maps that allow the reader to follow the mazy narrative in its entirety from a birds eye view.  Softcover, 64pp, $15