Book Author(s) Emma Glaze and Dani Grew
Publisher n/a
Book List Price $10
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Taffy is an ordinary boy in a world he refuses to find ordinary. Living with his brother on the edge of the Artemis woods, he fields daily excursions out into the wilderness in search of something supernatural. He’s prepared for every contingency… except for actually finding it.

Can the small town of Artemis withstand what they can’t see coming?

This is a story of ageless secrets, unlikely friendships, dial-up internet, wanderlust, Bigfoot, and learning to love where you are.

Chapter One of the ongoing webcomic SIGHTINGS will be available at SPX. The debut work of Dani Grew (inks) and Emma Glaze (colors), these two have crafted an exciting world full of mystery and the mundane. Follow the ongoing story at, updating Fridays.