Slush: A Guide to Querying Literary Agents

2019 DEBUT Slush: A Guide to Querying Literary Agents
Book Author(s) Tori Sharp
Publisher Self-published
Book List Price $10.00
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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This guide goes where no zine has gone before by addressing that tantalizing, ages-old question: how the heck do I get a literary agent?

Querying agents is an ancient art shrouded in mystery and form emails. After years of leaning to query the hard way, literary agent intern, agented children’s author, and publishing nerd Tori Sharp reveals industry secrets that will make a career in publishing seem attainable for the slush pile virgin.

Google has failed us, but this comic does the impossible; it reveals that querying literary agents can be pretty dang simple.

“Through hilarious, relatable comics and practical hands-on advice, Tori Sharp demystifies the process of getting an agent and a book deal with honesty, clarity, and humor. I wish I’d had this delightful guide earlier in my journey!” —Joy McCullough, award-winning author of BLOOD WATER PAINT.

28 pages + covers, saddle stitched. Black and white, printed on 24lb paper with a cardstock cover.