Soft City

2016 DEBUT Soft City
Book Author(s) Pushwagner, Introduction by Chris Ware, Afterword by Martin Herbert
Publisher New York Review Comics
Book List Price $35.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
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The legendary Norwegian artist Pushwagner’s scathing masterpiece—lost for decades, and never before published in the U.S.—Soft City is an epic vision of a single day in a world gone wrong: a brightly smiling, disturbingly familiar dystopia of towering skyscrapers, omnipresent surveillance, and endless distant war. “CLEAN BOMB THE HAPPY WAY,” blares the morning paper. “Heil Hilton!” barks an overlord on the news. Welcome to Soft City. Now don’t be late for work.

Famous in his homeland for his wildly inventive art, years of homelessness, and late surge into the public eye (a Norwegian documentary on him was made in 2011), Pushwagner was celebrated at the 5th Berlin Biennale and then in museums and galleries around the world. Begun in 1969, completed and lost in 1975, then rediscovered in 2002, Soft City is a cult classic celebrated by Chris Ware (who wrote an introduction and created the cover for this new edition) and many others.