Sporgo 2: “Pyramid Inch”

2017 DEBUT Sporgo 2: “Pyramid Inch”
Book Author(s) Laura PallMall
Publisher Nothing Left to Learn
Book List Price 5.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://nothinglefttolearn.tumblr.com


The first issue of Laura PallMall’s solo anthology series “Sporgo” featured two shorter stories, one of which was selected for Best American Comics 2017. This second issue is comprised entirely of the first chapter of “Pyramid Inch,” a novel length project about a young filmmaker trying to survive financially and creatively in an at-times utterly prosaic, at-times horrifying and absurd Los Angeles. A blend of mundane life, projections, dreams, and memory, “Pyramid Inch,” builds on PallMall’s exploration of the “millennial gothic.”

32 pages.