Sprawling Heart

2016 DEBUT Sprawling Heart
Book Author(s) Sab Meynert
Publisher 2dcloud
Book List Price 9.95
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://www.2dcloud.com


Sprawling Heart is an intimate musical of paper, paint, and ink. Inward rumination’s reach outward as exhalation’s and a whisper becomes a sumptuous song.

“Through the wonder of reflection and likeness while taking what has passed only to reproduce itself in echo form, it is hard to know at what depth these echoes are willing to go or vanish to present us with another ending in rebirth. As its grandeur lies in both its action and my acknowledgment, I have somewhere in its stillness been awarded a sacred space to observe my own merit.” — Nep Sidhu

“This work is as refreshing as a thirst quenched, as deafening as waves crashing the shore. Both are necessary for evolution. Water will always tread earth. Welcome it.” — Negarra A. Kudumu