2014 DEBUT SubCultures
Book Author(s) Aaron Whitaker, Liz Prince, Andrew Greenstone, Dave Ortega, Hazel Newlevant, Bonesteel, MariNaomi, Kriota Willberg, Maggie Glass, Box Brown, Holly Foltz, Rachel Dukes, Ion O'Clast, Nick Thorkelson, Noah Van Sciver, Nick Johansen, Rob Queen, Whit Taylor, Maria Photinakis, Darryl Seitchik, Jillian Fleck, Cara Bean, Glynnis Fawkes, Alex Robinson, E.J. Barnes, Jay Kennedy, Sam Alden, Dan Mazur, Stevie Wilson, Ben Doane, Ansis Purins, Courtney Zell, Michael Scully, Li-or Zaltzman, Mister V, Melinda Tracy Boyce, Alizee De Pin, Sigit Nugroho, Matthew J.J. Crehan, Anna Mudd, Rob Kirby, Jesse Lonergan
Publisher Ninth Art Press
Book List Price $15.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
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We live in a culture made of up of sub-cultures, communities based around common interests, obsessions, fetishes. From underground club scenes to Ham radio networks, invented languages, cosplay and “realdoll” relationships, the subcultures we belong to define our identities, with their own rules, rituals and lingos. In this collection, 36 of today’s best independent comics creators pull back the curtains, giving the reader “inside looks” at a wide range of subcultures, in as wide a range of tones and styles. From fiction to reportage to satire, SubCultures is a showcase for what the new breed of independent cartoonists can do: entertain, inform and surprise!