Substitute Familiar Stories

2019 DEBUT Substitute Familiar Stories
Book Author(s) Alex Zandra Van Chestein
Publisher ZandraVandra
Book List Price $15
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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There are as many ways to be a witch as there are witches… though some of them may get you in trouble.

There’s a lot more to the world of Substitute Familiar than just the first light novel! A Drink To Amanda brings to light how the young enchanter decided to become a witch in the first place; Penelope And the Council reveals what happened when the alchemist went before the council of witches to answer for what she’d done; and 23 more short(er) stories show what life is like for modern witches and demons in a world that finds magic to be a fun novelty.

This is a light novel of 100 pages with 20 interior black & white illustrations.