Swimming With JFish

2018 DEBUT Swimming With JFish
Book Author(s) Jason Fischer
Publisher Press Gang
Book List Price $10.00
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site https://www.studiojfish.com/


The life of a cartoon isn’t always easy! Meet JFish, a cartoon fish man just trying to draw some comics, ride his bike, sleep as long as he likes, eat a burger, laugh with his friends and have massage sandwiches with his wife, Robin the cat. Will JFish survive being pulled from a speed boat at tremendous speeds… or will he become “one with the fishes”?!

Swimming With JFish by Jason Fischer (Terra Flats, Seconds Helping) is a new book of autobio comics told in an anthropomorphic world full of colorful characters and emotions.

Soft Cover, 48 full color pages, 5″ x 6″. Published by Press Gang. ISBN: 978-1-942801-03-0