Tales of the Night Watchman Issue Four

2015 DEBUT Tales of the Night Watchman Issue Four
Book Author(s) Dave Kelly (w), Lara Antal (i), Amanda Scurti (i/c), Simon Fraser (c)
Publisher So What? Press
Book List Price $5.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
Web site http://www.sowhatpress.com


Two big covers!  Two big stories!  Horror and coffee collide once more in the next thrilling installment of Tales of the Night Watchman!

First is the “The Long Fall” Part Four by Dave Kelly (w), Lara Antal (i), & Simon Fraser (c) – – Trish finds out there’s more to Dan Deane than meets the eye, Night Watchman confronts Angel about the disappearance of Merrick, and Serena steps up her hustle at the café.  Oh, and spoiler alert:  Nora didn’t get the job.

Next is “The Dwellers of Big Bogie” Part Two by Dave Kelly (w) & Amanda Scurti (i/c) – – On her way to check in on Charlie (who’s still trying to fix the espresso machine), Nora encounters the mysterious mugger who ran off with Serena’s grub.  Trapped in pursuit, she finds herself in the grip of the mugger’s master, the monstrous Big Bogie!

Praise for Tales of the Night Watchman:

“A combination of noir, fantasy, and horror that gets a little too close to daily life for comfort.”

– Hannah Means-Shannon, Bleeding Cool

“Kelly is certainly not afraid to play with monsters.”

– Pedro Cabezuelo, Rue Morgue

“There’s a sincerity and belief in these characters that comes through on every page.  These are solid and well-told comics.”

– Rob Clough, High-Low

“Dave, Lara, and Amanda have created something extremely fun to read.  It plays out in such a dark, whirlwind fashion that it should pique most readers’ interest to come back for more.”

– Sam Marx, Comicosity