Teen Boat! The Race for Boatlantis

2015 DEBUT Teen Boat! The Race for Boatlantis
Book Author(s) Dave Roman and John Green
Publisher Clarion Books
Book List Price $14.998
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site http://www.teenboatcomics.com


Teen Boat has always felt different from the other kids, which makes sense, since he’s the only one who can transform into a yacht. Now, just before his high school graduation, he embarks on an epic quest of self-discovery. He learns of a mysterious city called Boatlantis, where boats are at the top of the social ladder. Can it be true? Has he finally found the place where a half boy/half boat belongs? Or will he always be torn between two worlds?

160 Pages, Hardcover, Full Color
ISBN: 978-0547865638