Terra Flats #3

2019 DEBUT Terra Flats #3
Book Author(s) Jason Fischer Kouhi
Publisher Press Gang
Book List Price $6
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
Web site https://www.terraflats.com/


The highly anticipated third issue of Terra Flats is premiering at SPX 2019! Get reacquainted with your favorite best friend duo Pony and Vee (and their cat Tigre) in the best and biggest issue yet!

“Fried Green Demons”: Pony meets another close friend of Vee\’s: the stylish, slithery photographer gorgon named Maddison. They do NOT get along… Later, Pony finds work as a handyperson while Vee puts out fires at Iceburg. Will their mysterious, unfriendly neighbor keep their cat Tigre locked in her apartment forever?!

Standard comic size, 36 pages, full color, a Press Gang publication.