Thank You for Your Cooperation #2 – Verhoeven Zine

2018 DEBUT Thank You for Your Cooperation #2 – Verhoeven Zine
Book Author(s) Eric Gordon, Troy-Jefferey Allen, David Beyers, Andrew Cohen, Matt Harrison, Evan Keeling, Kendra Kountz, Steve Loya, Jeremy Rosenstein, and D. Shekailo
Publisher Self Published
Book List Price $8
All-Ages Appropriate No
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Thank You for Your Cooperation #2 – Verhoeven Zine.  A natural sequel to #1, the all Robocop issue, here the contributors go all in with their comics and writing based on the mind bending films of Dutch director, Paul Verhoeven.

Created or organized by Eric Gordon with contributions from-

Troy-Jefferey Allen (@GoRexCo on Twitter, @ActionAGoGo on Insta) Hollow Man: What if the Universal Monsters Were Sex Criminals, David Beyers (@flying_blood_comix) New Best Buds, Violent Verhoeven, Andrew Cohen ( @howzitfunnies) Front cover drawing, Eric Gordon ( @dccreeper1) Front cover inks/screen-printing and concept, Back cover, Spiked Neck Sangria, Gentrification of Venusville, Inks on Sharon Stone’s Crotch (that reads kind of funny), Matt Harrison (@rootbeercomics) Verhoeven characters poster, Evan Keeling ( @etkeeling) Basic Recall Trooper Cop, Kendra Kountz ( @kendraawesome) The Nomi Negroni, Steve Loya ( @splotchmonsterisland) Zoom, Splat, Boink, Jeremy Rosenstein ( Sharon Stone’s Crotch, Verhoeven Toys, Recall Recall, and D. Shekailo(@stew_nod) Robo-Schlock