The Backstage of Dishwashing Webshow

2019 DEBUT The Backstage of Dishwashing Webshow
Book Author(s) Keren Katz
Publisher Secret Acres
Book List Price $21.95
All-Ages Appropriate No
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“The Backstage of a Dishwashing Web Show is a haunting mesh of food, dance, the lost possibilities of childhood, missed connections, love, seltzer, performance, hunger, hope, and things that are irretrievably lost but might yet be found. It’s told in poetic words and illuminated in bright, strange, dancerly pictures. Keren Katz is an artist through and through, a being of sensitivity and story. She is what God may have intended humans to be, if the world made more sense. I love her work more than anything.”
– Liana Finck, author of Passing for Human

Rivi’s been accepted to Mount Scopus Academy, where everyone reverts to who they were before. Escaping Mount Scopus is like escaping your dysfunctional childhood— you end up recreating it. Is that cute boy following her, or is she dating her father? The familiar has its own gravity; just don’t fall for it. Even the best of us have daddy issues.