The Baddest Kid in Sixth Grade

2013 DEBUT The Baddest Kid in Sixth Grade
Book Author(s) J. Walker
Publisher Jasmine Walker
Book List Price $3.99
All-Ages Appropriate No
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The Baddest Kid in Sixth Grade confounds the line of education and entertainment by merging comprehension with maturity on the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade levels.

J. Walker knew that the typical book would not suffice in aiding teachers in their quest of making their students more literate. She used what she learned while tutoring and broke down multi-syllable words phonetically using bold and un-bold font so that the student could read independently of an experienced reader. This type of text facilitates in pronunciation and spelling.

The Baddest Kid in Sixth Grade tells the story of Nick Pearson’s first day of middle school. While he’s a nice kid with good intentions, his troublemaker brothers’ reputation precedes him and causes teachers to see him as just another Pearson boy. Nick tries to distance himself from Dan and Rob but throughout the first day of school three mishaps land him in the spotlight. He is now the most popular kid among his peers and feared by the staff, everyone except mean old Principal Reese. Reese, who has unfinished business with the Pearson boys, is determined to show the entire school that he will not tolerate negative behavior from anyone. By the end of the school day, Nick is left with the decision to tell the truth and lose his newfound friends or maintain the lie and remain the baddest kid in sixth grade.