The Binah Comics

2013 DEBUT The Binah Comics
Book Author(s) Ben Malkin & Ian Densford
Publisher Goodbye Better
Book List Price $10
All-Ages Appropriate No
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‘The Binah Comics’ is a collaboration between the illustrator Ian Densford and the writer Ben Malkin, about a teleporter named Binah, who, along with her team of powers (Metamorphosis, The Daughter of Illusions, & Flush),  stages five ‘signs from G-d.’ The signs are meant to try & secretly convince her people, the Solilians, that they need to move their home & holy land, Strong Island, or suffer inevitable atomic annihilation. The signs get people talking, and the drunk noir detective Blaze Braff (who himself has super-speed) is sent in by Strong Island’s government to get to the bottom of it. 60 pages, black & white