Book Author(s) Various, edited by April Brown, adapted from Edith Nesbit
Publisher Bronco Ink Publishing, LLC
Book List Price $12.95
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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ISBN: 978-0-9888158-5-8

120 pages, black & white, 7 x 10 inches, perfect bound

Originally published in 1900, THE BOOK OF DRAGONS by Edith Nesbit has been a fondly remembered children’s book for several generations. Full of coming of age stories, dangerous romances, or just adventures in ingenuity, THE BOOK OF DRAGONS is a delight for everyone! A global team of writers and artists have brought her stories to life to recapture the whimsy and adventure of her original collection for a new century.

With a cover by OFF REGISTRATION cover artist Daniel Govar, and introduction by Margaret McCarthy, the Chairman of The Edith Nesbit Society in London, and a plethora of talented comic creators from around the world, THE BOOK OF DRAGONS is 120 pages of amazing comics.

The stories are:

THE BOOK OF BEASTS, by Scott O. Brown and Amberin Huq, in which Lionel becomes king and accidentally unleashes a Dragon on his new subjects.

UNCLES JAMES, OR THE PURPLE STRANGER, by Ricky-Marcel Pitcher and Kathryn Frizzell, where animals of various sizes, with the help of a Dragon, thwart a conspiracy.

THE DELIVERERS OF THEIR COUNTRY, by Jonathan Clode and Russell Hossain, a story where heroes are not what they seem and the dragon invasion is imminent!

THE ICE DRAGON, OR DO AS YOU’RE TOLD, by Marc Bryant and Mal Jones, a tale of wonders that befell on the evening of the eleventh of December, when they did what they were told not to do.

THE ISLAND OF THE NINE WHIRLPOOLS, by Thatcher Cleveland and Russell Hossain, in which a dragon is defeated with math in a quest for true love.

THE DRAGON TAMER, by Lori Lapormado and John Andrey Portilla, which reveals the great truth of all Dragons.

THE FIERY DRAGON, OR THE HEART OF STONE AND THE HEART OF GOLD by Charles Webb and Mal Jones in which we give you Dragons. In. Space.

And finally, KIND LITTLE EDMUND, OR THE CAVES AND THE COCKATRICE by Shawn Aldridge and Amberin Huq, our final story where Edmund makes a bum deal, unleashing a Dragon where it doesn’t belong.