The Durham Comics Project

2015 DEBUT The Durham Comics Project
Book Author(s) Amy Godfrey, Claudia Aleman de Toomes, Kayla Angus, Jenna Batchelor, Kimberly Chiew, Beth Clarke, Jesse Crossen, Megan Culler, Nicholas Galvez, Glittermeat, Assata Goff, Will Hanley, Patrick Holt, Jape!, Amy Johnson, Ian Johnson, Eric Knisley, Emily Kohler, Bernard Liles, Jennifer Lohmann, Allie Massey, Adam Meuse, Megan Modafferi, Victoria Pittman, Heather Riegg, Andy Smith, Abi Stover, Swifty Miss, M.R. Trower, Hope Wilder, Braden Zantz, Dylan Zantz
Publisher Durham County Library
Book List Price $10
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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The Durham Comics Project is an anthology of autobiographical comics that capture the essence of life right now – small moments, big moments, moments that represent the diversity of the Durham, NC community.

\”The stories submitted for The Durham Comics Project range between whimsical observations about daily life, personal demons that make every day a struggle, a child\’s delight or disappointment in learning something new about the world, and an adult realizing that the world they live in is bigger than they think. Encouraging non-artists to express themselves on paper as well as publishing seasoned cartoonists, The Durham Comics Project is a fascinating mix of styles and visual approaches. In each case, the joy of self-expression and the opportunity to relate personal stories is evident in both the scrawled cartoons of young children and the fine lines of experienced artists.\” -Rob Clough (The Comics Journal, High-Low Comics)

ISBN 9781312539099

78 pages

Black and white