The Fatal Marksman: Act II

2014 DEBUT The Fatal Marksman: Act II
Book Author(s) Jaime Willems
Publisher Self-Published
Book List Price $7
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Wilhelm wishes to marry the love of his life, but Kate\’s family traditions require the meek and quiet writer to step forward as a Huntsman. To win his love\’s hand, Wilhelm turns to deception and supernatural means when he is given seven magical bullets by a mysterious traveler.

At the conclusion, of Act I, Wilhelm had used four bullets. However, Wilhelm must now keep up appearances as a True Huntsman, working under his future Father-in-Law, Bertram. But Bertram\’s star huntsman, Viktor, sees right through Wilhelm\’s Lies.

This is the Second Act of the Jaime Willems\’ adaptation of the 1823 folk tale by Thomas De Quincey.


22 pages, Black and White