The Fuglies

2014 DEBUT The Fuglies
Book Author(s) Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr
Publisher Pikitia Press
Book List Price $5
All-Ages Appropriate No
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The Fuglies:

“A pair of genetically enhanced girls go on a rampage of murder and cannabilistic mayhem while being chased by the authorities through a wilderness populated by savage genetic freaks & horrific mutations. “

Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr as the collective S.C.A.R. have produced some of the most powerful Horror and Sci-fi comics to come out of Australia. Drawing inspiration from the themes and art of 50’s and 60’s genre comics and then taking it up several notches, The Fuglies is the perfect example of Steve and Antoinette’s modern blend of hardcore Horror and Sci-Fi.