The Ghosts of Pineville – Book 3 – Lost in Shadow

2015 DEBUT The Ghosts of Pineville – Book 3 – Lost in Shadow
Book Author(s) Sara Turner
Publisher Tiny Ghost Stories
Book List Price $10
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Chopper, Hank, and Glory investigate ghost stories in their hometown of Pineville. Their first investigation uncovered the truth behind the disappearance of Simon Stillwater, their first ghosts encounter. Unfortunately, nothing more is uncovered but a summer of frustration, as finding other ghosts proves more difficult than they wish.

As they become the brunt of the townspeople’s teases and jokes, the trio start to question their devotion to Pineville and to each other.

Meanwhile there’s a sudden and strange phenomenon happening in their hometown. Should they care? What’s the source of this new activity? And why is it happening? Can Chopper, Hank, and Glory discover the truth before everything is lost in shadow?

Lost in Shadow is the third book in Sara Turner’s Ghosts of Pineville series.
126 pages.