The Libertarian

2014 DEBUT The Libertarian
Book Author(s) Nick Maandag
Publisher Pigeon Press
Book List Price $9
All-Ages Appropriate No
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“Hardcore Libertarian Rod Vanderbranch falls for a Vegan-Socialist-Feminist named Tangerine with hilarious results.  Maandag’s dry sense of humor only makes the absurdities pop that much more in this LOL tale of Modern Romantic Politics.  44 digest pages, color covers, b+w interiors” -from the Spit and a Half catalog listing.

A new edition of Nick Maandag’s mini-comic “The Libertarian” with a new cover and strip debuts at SPX 2014 just a few months after his latest book “Facility Integrity“. Toronto cartoonist Nick Maandag will be at SPX to support both of these new releases.