The Myth about Myths Zine 1: Greek Gods

2016 DEBUT The Myth about Myths Zine 1: Greek Gods
Book Author(s) Jennifer Kiakas
Publisher Self Published
Book List Price $20.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
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The Myth about Myths is a series of online zines that take the old myths we know (and that have been warped by popular media) and tells them straight up and stripped down to their original forms (with a little humouristic flair).  Greek Gods is the first installment of the zine with over 30 Greek Gods including the tried and true Olympians we know and love.

Online the series has gone through 6 different zines including: Greek Gods, Primordial Greek Gods, Greek Heroes, Greek Ladies, Greek Titans and Greek Lovers.

This is the first of it’s published form and includes more than double the amount of Greek Gods displayed online for public viewing!