The Nib Magazine Fall 2018

2018 DEBUT The Nib Magazine Fall 2018
Book Author(s) Matt Bors, Eleri Harris, Matt Lubchansky, Liliana Segura, Jackie Roche, Andy Warner, Ted Closson, Yazan Al-Saadi, Ghadi Ghosn, Sarah Mirk, Amanda Scurti, John Carvajal, Julia Gfrörer, Levi Hastings, Sophie Yanow, Andrew Greenstone, Whit Taylor, Josh Neufeld, Gerardo Alba, Vanesa R. Del Rey, Emi Gennis, Ellen Crenshaw, John Martz, Isabella Rotman, Pia Guerra, Kasia Babis, Emily Flake, Scott Bateman, Julia Bernhard, Bianca Xunise, Mark Kaufman, Rachel Dukes, Ally Shwed, Dustin Harbin, Phil McAndrew.
Publisher The Nib
Book List Price $15
All-Ages Appropriate No
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With brand-new, original comics from over 20 top-notch artists, the Death issue shares intimate personal stories, dark humor and thought-provoking reporting on the facts of life and death. Here’s what you can read in the first issue of The Nib magazine:


  • Cruel and Usual—Intercept journalist Liliana Segura on the history of lethal injection in America, illustrated by Jackie Roche.
  • The Science of Living Forever—Andy Warner delves into Silicon Valley’s attempts to disrupt death.
  • As Before, So Behind—Ted Closson’s meditation on time and the experience of losing of a child.
  • Whose Lives Matter?—artist and writer duo Yazan Al-Saadi and Ghadi Ghosn pen a gripping narrative about coming to terms with the casualties of the Gulf War, writing, “The darker your skin color, the poorer, and further away from the metropole you are, the less value your death has.”
  • “Tell me about your first dead body.” Sarah Mirk interviews a palliative care nurse, a funeral celebrant, a celebrated pop-science author and an Iraq War veteran—with art from Amanda Scurti, John Carvajal, Julia Gfrörer and Levi Hastings.

With dispatches from across the US and beyond:

  • Coming back from the dead (for real) with Sophie Yanow.
  • Author and activist Barbara Ehrenriech in an illustrated interviewed by Matt Bors.
  • From Anubis to the Grim Reaper, death throughout history by Eleri Harris.
  • Andrew Greenstone visits a pet psychic – with his parents.
  • Whit Taylor delves into the history of the first black funeral parlor in New Orleans.
  • Staging your corpse at your funeral is apparently a cool new thing to do, as reported by Josh Neufeld.
  • Halloween vs Day of the Dead in Mexico—Gerardo Alba examines superstitious shifts in his homeland.


  • Words from the dead and famous, illustrated by Vanesa R. Del Rey.
  • A special deadly Response: Emi Gennis, Ellen Crenshaw, John Martz and Isabella Rotman on what they want done with their body when they die.
  • Matt Lubchansky’s “Great Moments in Exhumation History” and other strips by Pia Guerra, Kasia Babis, Emily Flake, Scott Bateman, Julia Bernhard and Bianca Xunise.
  • With even more contributions from Mark Kaufman, Rachel Dukes, Ally Shwed and Dustin Harbin.
  • And little tiny comics in the margins by Phil McAndrew.