The Plot #3, Stolen Minds

2013 DEBUT The Plot #3, Stolen Minds
Book Author(s) Neil Brideau, Kenan Rubenstein
Publisher Neil Brideau
Book List Price $5
All-Ages Appropriate Yes
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Issue three of Neil Brideau’s all-ages adventure minicomic series guarantees to draw you deeper into its mysterious secluded village!

While search party enters the forbidden forest to retrieve Atchi, the trouble-maker, Tosu -Atchi’s father- has been attacked by a strange intruder! What has Atchi found in the woods? What will happen when he is found? What terrible fate has befallen his father? Will Atchi’s friends betray the village’s rules to help him? The Plot #3, Stolen Minds contains answers these questions and more!

68 pages

Photocopied B&W Interior

Hand-stamped cover