The Privileged Series: The Pure #0

2013 DEBUT The Privileged Series: The Pure #0
Book Author(s) Anthony Dortch
Publisher Dortchdesigns
Book List Price $7.00
All-Ages Appropriate No
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The small nation of Sens is governed by 7 feuding houses. They are the privileged. The privileged don the ornate clothing and jewelry of money, beauty, and corruption. Their golden exterior and sky blue eyes belie any preoccupation with altruism, for the commoners serve as mere stepping-stones to money, power and useless things.


The Others are all who lack the wherewithal to fit in to society due to a substantial shortage of earthly possessions or status. The Others cannot camouflage their destitution.


These are nameless, voiceless faces who are surrounded by blue, like the sky or the ocean, forever re- minding them that in all poverty, there is no way for them to go but up. Indeed, they serve as stepping stones in the babbling brook of life and the economy, walked over and upon by those so privileged to know the way to privilege is over and upon the backs of the Others. They live out side the Seyns and can only enter the nations walls to serve.


This is where Paxton Cassidy lives. He is the heir to the House of Cassidy. He is a man trapped in a protective suit and struggles with his identity. He tries to be part of society only to become a major catalyst in destroying the only place he has called home.